How do I set up and use the Slack outbound integration?

Honey's Slack outbound integration allows you to configure a Honey group so that when a new post is shared in the group, it’s automatically posted in the Slack channel of your choice.

How to set up a Slack outbound integration.

Setting up a Slack outbound integration is easy, simply follow the steps below. Keep in mind, Honey admins can limit who can setup integrations, so if you're not seeing the Integrations option in your Account Settings menu, reach out to one of your Honey admins. 

  • Click the dropdown arrow at the top of your left hand navigation menu. 
  • Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu. 
  • Once in your Account Settings page, click Integrations in the page header.
  • On the Integrations page, find the Outbound Integrations section — click on the Slack icon. 
  • Follow the steps to authorize your Slack account, select the Honey group you'd like to automatically push into Slack, and choose the Slack channel where you'd like your Honey posts to appear. 

Once created, all new posts published in the Honey group you chose will automatically begin publishing to Slack.

Who can see the Honey posts that push to Slack?

These posts will be visible to everyone in the Slack channel you selected. 

How will my Honey posts look in Slack?

When published to Slack, you Honey posts will contain the post title and a link back to Honey. They'll also contain, if included in the Honey post, about a paragraph of text and a thumbnail of any attached media (images, files, videos, etc.)



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