FAQs 1-Sheet Template

When launching Honey at your company, some team members may benefit from a simple page of platform FAQ, either attached to an email or printed out to keep at their desk.

Our customer success team has written the basic FAQ template below — it's a simple way to share Honey basics with your team. At the bottom of this article, you'll find a downloadable .doc that also includes this information. Save it to your computer and edit to best fit your needs.  

What is Honey?
Honey is the new community-wide info-sharing platform being used company-wide. It’s a place to post about internal news, share resources, and collaborate across departments.

How do I sign in to Honey?
To sign in to Honey, visit Use your work email address and the password you created when you set up to sign in to you account.

What browser should I use to access Honey?
Honey supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer version 11 and higher.

Can I use Honey on my phone?
Yes, you can use Honey in your phone's browser or download Honey's native apps for iPhone or Android, which you can find in your phone's app store. 

How do I get updates about new posts on Honey?
Join some groups — you can find them by clicking "All" in your left hand navigation menu. When you join a group, new posts in that group will appear on your My Feed page and in your new post email notifications.

How do I share a post on Honey?
To share a post on Honey, click the orange button in the bottom right-hand corner of your Honey window. Give your post a title, type your post body, and choose the group(s) where you’d like to share it. Then click the blue check mark button to publish!

How do I search for something on Honey?
To search for something that’s been posted to Honey, click the magnifying glass icon in your left hand navigation menu, type in your search term, and hit return.

Can I share files and rich media on Honey?
Yes! Use the image and paperclip icons on your post composition page to share files and images. You can also paste URLs in the post body.

Are my Honey posts private?
Posts that you share to organization-wide groups can been seen by all Honey users at your company. Posts shared to private groups, those marked with a lock icon, can only be seen by invited members of the group. Posts on Honey are never accessible to anyone outside of your company.

Who can I contact if I need help?
If you’re having trouble with your account or have a question about how Honey works, contact the Honey support team at

If you have any questions about the logistics of inviting your team to Honey, we're here to help. Email the Honey team at and we'll happily share best practices and additional information. 



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