Getting started with RSS and social media content integrations

What are RSS & social media content integrations?

Using our new integration tools, you can sync Honey with your favorite RSS feeds and social media pages — when they publish a new post, it's automatically posted to Honey.

Where do I go to set up integrations?

You can set up your integrations from your account settings pages, here

How can we use integrations?

Integrations help you keep up with industry news, client news, and company news. Set up an integration for your company blog, the news sources your team reads regularly, or Google Alerts about a client. Voila — a hand-curated feed of news that matters to your team.

Who can set up integrations?

By default, only Honey admins can set up posting integrations. But in your Admin Settings you can allow all users to set up integrations.

I have some questions. Can you help?

Of course! Email us and we'll happily schedule some time to talk you through all things integrations:

Learn more about integrations. 

Click here to browse the full integrations FAQs section. 


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