How do I pull RSS content into my feed?

Honey now allows you to pull content from RSS feeds and your favorite social media platforms.

First, navigate to your Integrations page. 

  • Click the dropdown arrow in the top left of the navigation menu
  • Select "Account Settings"
  • Then select "Integrations" on the navigation bar

Then, set up your RSS integration. 

  • Select the RSS icon

  • Copy and paste the RSS feed URL you wish to add to your feed.

    For example, follow the NYTimes news by pasting one of the NYTimes RSS feeds into the box. You can usually find these feeds by searching the web for it.

  • Select the group and topic you want the integration to post in, under the "Post to Topic"

  • Customize the maximum amount of posts per day

    For example, instead of receiving every news story from the NYTimes RSS feed, set a limit on the number of news stories you want Honey to collect from the NYTimes RSS feed each day.

  • Choose the number of posts you want to backfill prior to adding the integration.

    Pull a specified number of news stories you want Honey to pull from RSS source that predate the setup of the new RSS integration!

  • Finally select the blue "Create Integration" button - new posts will begin to pull into Honey immediately.

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