How to use Honey's Facebook integration tool

Honey now allows you to pull content from RSS feeds and your favorite social media platforms.

  • Click the dropdown arrow in the top left of the navigation menu
  • Select "Account Settings"
  • Then select "Integrations" on the navigation bar

  • Select the Facebook icon

  • Select the “Connect to Facebook” button
  • Fill in your Facebook credentials to authorize your Facebook account
  • Then, copy and paste the facebook URL you wish to follow into the “Facebook Page Name”
    • For example, add the New York Times facebook page by pasting their URL

  • Select the group and topic you want the integration to post in under the “Post to Topic”
  • Customize the maximum amount of posts per day
    • For example, instead of receiving every facebook post from the NYTimes Facebook page, set a limit on the number of posts you want Honey to pull from the Facebook page each day.
  • Choose the number of posts you want to backfill prior to adding the integration
    • Pull a specified number of posts you want Honey to pull from the Facebook page that predate the setup of the new Facebook integration!
  • Finally select the blue “Create Integration” button — new posts will begin to pull into Honey immediately.

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