How do I share GIFs?

There are three ways to post a GIF on Honey:

How to share a .GIF with GIPHY:

1. On your post form, select the 'GIFs' icon.

2. Select the 'GIF SEARCH' then type in keywords for your desired GIF

3. After selecting your GIF, post your GIF!

How to share a .GIF with a URL:

1. On your post form, select the ‘GIF" icon

2. Then, paste the URL of the .gif into the text box. Then press the blue insert button. *Note that your URL needs to end in an '.gif'

3. Finally, after inserting your GIF, publish the post and let everyone enjoy your expressive post!

How to share a .GIF with a file:

1. Select the 'attach file' icon on your post form. This icon looks like a paperclip.

2. Click 'upload' in the dropdown menu. Then search through your files and choose the GIF you'd like to share. *Note that your file must be a '.gif'.

3. Finally, after uploading your GIF, finish composing your post and click the blue publish button!

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