What are broadcast groups?

Broadcast is a group setting that allows admins to mandate that all members of a group receive instant email notifications for all posts shared to the group. 

  • When you turn on a group's broadcast option, all members of the group will receive instant email notifications about all new posts shared to the group.
  • Group members will not have the option to change their email preferences for a broadcast group. They will remain set to instant so long as broadcast is turned on.

  • If you turn on broadcast in an existing group, members' existing notification settings will be overridden and will be set to instant.

To turn broadcast on within a group...

  • Visit the group page in which you'd like to turn on the broadcast option. 
  • Click the three dot button in the group header and select Edit Settings from the dropdown menu.* 
  • On the settings page, scroll to the bottom and toggle on the broadcast option. The toggle will be green when turned on. 
  • Once toggled on, click Save Settings at the bottom of the page. 

 *You must be an admin to access the broadcast option on the settings page. 

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