Can I filter my search results by date? Or author? Or post content?

Currently on Honey, you can filter your search results in two ways:

  • Sort by Relevancy This sort option sorts your search results by how often your keyword appears in the post, with the most frequent appearing at the top. 
  • Sort by Date This sort option sorts your search results by the date the post was shared, with the most recent appearing at the top. 

When searching, the default setting is to Sort by Relevancy, but you can easily toggle your search results to Sort by Date. Simply click the sort option at the top right-hand corner of your search results 'posts' section and select the sort you'd like from the drop down menu. 

You cannot currently sort or filter your search results in any other ways, but we'd love to know what would be most helpful for you. Share your ideas and feedback with us at

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