What are guest users and how do I manage them?

Guests are Honey users that have only been invited to a specific group(s) within your organization. They do not have access to the entire organization's content (e.g. People Page, Groups Page, etc.). They can only access the groups that they have been specifically invited to.  Guest users also count in your total seat billing plan.

To manage your guests:

  • Click your dropdown arrow at the top of your left hand navigation menu
  • Select Admin from the menu
  • Then, click Guests in the page header

Note: You must be an organization admin to access the Guests management page.

On the Guests page:

  • Click the + to promote guests to full organization users. They will be granted access to all public content within your organization, including organization posts, the groups page, and the people page.

  • Click the trash can icon to remove guest users from all groups in which they're a member. They will be completely removed from all groups of which they are currently a member and will no longer have access to any content within your organization.




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