What are the different types of groups?

There's lot of different types of groups! The differences between each group type mainly revolves around permissions, or who can see posts and who can't. 

  • Private - content is limited to invited members only.
  • Featured - featured groups are designated with a star and posts will be featured on the Friday Important News email.
  • Required - all members of an organization are required to join this group, and they cannot leave the group.
  • Admin only posting - only admins and/or moderators may post in this group.
  • Enabled/disabled comments - comments may be enabled or disabled for posts in this group.
  • Broadcast - mandates that all users receive instant email notifications for new posts in this group.

Keep in mind that you can utilize a combination of the different group types! So a group may be both required and admin-only posting. There's an endless variety of different groups you can create to ensure that your communication needs are met.



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