How can I adjust my email notifications?

Honey sends email notifications for a number of activities happening your account — new posts in the groups you follow, comments on your posts, etc. So that Honey works best with your workflow, we've made it easy to customize your email notifications.

To manage your email notifications, visit your Account settings. Here's how:

  • Click the drop down arrow at the top left of your navigation menu.
  • Click "Account Settings" in the dropdown menu.
  • Then click "Notifications" located in the page header navigation bar.


Activity Notifications.
These settings adjust whether you receive emails about other users' actions, related to your own. For instance, when someone comments or likes a post you wrote. You can toggle these on or off.


New Post Notifications.
These settings adjust how often you receive emails about new posts, customizable by group and then by topic as well. You can select "Instant" to receive an email whenever there is a new post in any of the groups you follow or "Never" to receive no emails and only receive notifications when you're logged into Honey. You can also choose "Daily Digest" or "Weekly Digest" to receive one daily or weekly email digest highlighting the most popular posts from the groups you follow.

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