How do I sort my Honey feed?

Your Honey feed is where all of the action happens - it's where you can see all of the posts from the groups you're subscribed to. There are a few different views you can utilize to organize your Honey feed. Simply click "Sort by: Date" to toggle the options below: 

Date: This view sorts Honey posts in reverse chronological order, with the more recent posts towards the top. It's the default view for your feed. 

Popularity: The Popularity view will sort Honey posts by comments, views and likes, with the most popular ones being up top. It's the best to see what's buzzing in Honey within your team.

Activity: This view will sort Honey posts by most recent comments or interactions, so you can see which posts have been commented on and viewed. The Activity view is especially helpful if you want to keep track of longer, ongoing discussions.




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