What is the admin analytics dashboard?

The Honey admin analytics dashboard makes it easy to track your teams engagement. From total number of posts to most active users, the dashboard helps you quantify your organization’s internal communication.

To access the admin analytics dashboard, visit your organization page and click "Dashboard" on the top gray navigation ribbon.

You'll learn about your real time stats, drilling down into a specific date range, tracking your most active users, and exporting your team's data. Here is what you can expect from your data export:

Platform Activity

Aggregate numbers of post, views, comments created, and likes created.

Content Overview

Aggregate numbers over a time period of URL posts created, file posts created, text posts created, posts views, comments created, and likes created.

Post Activity

Aggregate numbers over a time period that details activity on each post. This includes number of comments, likes, views via email, views via website, unique viewers, and a link to the original post, and post ID.

User Activity

A breakdown of each user's behavior on Honey during a time period. This includes the user's name, location, title, number of posts created, number of comments created, number of comments received, number of likes created, number of likes received, number of posts viewed, number of emails opened, number of emails clicked, and number of log-ins.


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