Why is my post missing?

You just wrote a new post and you're not seeing it your the feed. Don't worry, it didn't disappear forever! There's a couple solutions that may find your missing post:

  • Is your feed sorted by Date instead of Activity or Popularity? Sorting by date will populate the most recent posts towards the top. You can check this in the upper right-hand of your feed.
  • Make sure you're following the group that you just posted to. When you're looking at your My Feed page, you'll only see posts from groups you are a part of. Go to the Groups Directory page and make sure that you are a member of that group you are trying to post to.
  • Click on your organization name in your left hand navigation bar. This organization feed displays all the posts in your organization.

If you're still not seeing your post, send us a note with details at and we'll help you find it!

Questions, feedback or ideas? Send us a note at - we love hearing from you!

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