How can I report a bug or issue?

Sometimes Honey crashes or you may notice a glitch - and we want to know about it! Feel free to drop us a note at We're available during business hours to attend to your support requests. It is especially helpful to us if your support emails include the following information:

  • What were you doing when you saw the error? Which screen were you on, were you able to log in, etc? Giving us as much detail as possible about the circumstances surrounding the error will help us help you.
  • Screenshots! These are immensely helpful when included with your support email. If you're using a PC, you can take a screenshot by hitting the Print Screen button on your keyboard, or click here for more info. If you're using a Mac, hit Command+Shift+3 on your keyboard to capture the screen - you'll hear a camera shutter sound if you've done it correctly. Save the screenshots on your desktop so you can access them easier when writing your support email.

We'll take a look and provide resolution as soon as we are able to!



Questions, feedback or ideas? Send us a note at - we love hearing from you!

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