How do I share a link in a post?

Sharing a link on Honey is easy, in most cases its as simple as pasting your link right into your text body. Here's how...

Paste or type a link into your post body. 

To share a URL in your post body...

  • Type or paste your URL into your post's text body. 
  • If your URL is on a line of text by itself, it will automatically display a link preview. If it is not a line by itself, it will not automatically display a link preview. If you'd like to add a preview, click the link and select "Include Link Preview"
  • Then finished your post and publish!



Hyperlink text in your post body. 

To hyperlink text, like this, follow these steps...

  • Highlight the text that you'd like to hyperlink
  • Then, click the link icon in the formatting toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut command-K. 
  • Paste or type your URL in the URL field and click the save button. 
  • Finish your post and publish!
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