How do I add a table to a post?

Currently, the only way to add tables to a post in Honey is by using our code snippet embed tool, which supports the use of markdown and markdown tables. The details can feel a little overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, markdown tables are quick and easy. We'll walk you through each step. 

First, add your code embed tool to your post. 

  • Click the </> icon in the formatting tool bar at the top of your post compose form.
  • In the top righthand corner of the code embed window, use the dropdown to select "Markdown."

Then, add your table in markdown. 

Markdown is a lightweight formatting language that allows you quickly and easily add formatting to text. Most of the formatting in markdown is creating using simple punctuation, with a little bit of practice, it's very easy to learn and use. You can learn more about markdown here.

To add a table to your post, we're going to use the markdown notation to create a table. To create a table in markdown, you use hyphens (-) and pipes (|) to separate your tables contents into their appropriate rows and columns. Here's an example in the code snippet composer:


And the result in a preview. You can see the hyphens and pipes have correctly defined the rules of the table and it's contents. You can use as many hyphens and pipes as you need to appropriately size your table. 


If you're making a very large table, composing it entirely in markdown can be a lot of work, especially if you're starting with a large excel or CSV file. We love this Markdown Tables Generator for easy creation, conversation from other files, etc. It makes the entire process a lot easier! 

Preview and publish your post. 

While composing your markdown table, you can use the preview button to ensure your table is formatting properly. When you're happy with your table, compost the rest of your post and publish!

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