Sharing a Group Announcement Post.

How to share and manage your Group-level Announcement Posts.

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The features described below are only available to Employee Community admins and moderators. If you have questions about who can or cannot see these settings, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We'd be happy to help!

If you're an Employee Community admin or moderator, you have the option to create a Group-level Announcement Post—a powerful internal communications tool built for your most important content.

How a Group announcement Post is different than a regular Post:

A Group announcement is just like an announcement but is published only to the selected Group. When published, a Group announcement...

  • Is added to the Organization’s announcement carousel only for members of the designated Group.

  • Sent in an instant email to Group users, no matter their email notification settings.

  • Is sent as a push notification to users who have our iOS or Android app installed.

To share a Group Announcement Post.

To share a Group announcement, you'll start by composing your Post just like any other Post. More details on that here.

When you're done composing your Post...

  1. Click the Continue button at the top, right-hand corner of your Post composition form.

  2. Select the Group and Topic to share your Post. You can select more than one Group and Topic.

  3. Toggle the Mark as Announcement switch and check the Selected Topics Button

    to post the announcement at the Group level. Please note, that Posts must be made announcement Posts in this step and can not be changed retroactively.

  4. Finally, click the blue Share to... button to share your announcement Post.

  5. Your Post is now visible in the announcement carousel located in the Organization Feed. It will also send a mandatory email notification to all users in the Group and a push notification to those with the mobile app.

To remove a Group Announcement from the carousel.

By default, your Group announcement will stay in the announcement carousel on your Organization page for two weeks—after which it will return to the Feed like a normal Post.

However, if your Group announcement is no longer relevant before the two-week mark, you can remove it from the carousel at any time. Here's how...

  1. Visit your Organization Feed by clicking your Organization icon at the top of your top navigation menu.

  2. On the Group Announcement that you'd like to remove, click the three-dot button.

  3. Select Remove from Carousel. This will remove your Group announcement from the carousel but will keep your Post intact in the Feed.

To view all previous Group Announcements.

Employee Community keeps a log of all Posts that have been shared as announcements. To view them...

  1. Visit your Organization Page by clicking your Organization's avatar at the top of your navigation menu.

  2. In the menu, click Announcements from the dropdown.

  3. This will update your Feed to display all the Posts that have been shared as Announcements.

Please note that if you leave the Group you will no longer see past Group Announcements Posts in the Feed.

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