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Adding Zoom Videos to an Employee Community Post.
Adding Zoom Videos to an Employee Community Post.

How to add Zoom videos to Employee Community Posts.

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To add your Zoom video to an Employee Community Post.

  1. First, from Zoom, save the video as a file (not as a link to the cloud).

  2. For privacy reasons, move that file to your Google Drive and give it a recognizable name so you can locate it later. Be sure to save the settings and share the video with all of BambooHR.

  3. Open the Employee Community and create a new Post.

  4. In the Post, select the Google Drive option from the paperclip icon dropdown and accept all of the Google prompts.

  5. Locate the video in your Google Drive and select it.

  6. Add details to your Post to tell your employee what the video is about. Be sure to include keywords or phrases that will show up best in Search. You can also @-mention additional employees that will send them a notification.

  7. Select at least one Group to publish the Post. If needed, use the schedule option to have it publish in the future.

  8. Now your video is ready to watch on the Employee Community. Feel free to watch the video with your desired speed and settings.

    Other employees can also leave comments, like, and save your Post.

    We also suggest adding in an image (maybe even a screenshot from your video) so that the email notification comes through with an engaging visual.

    Notifications for published Posts will come via email and/or Slack depending on the Group and employees’ notification settings. Read more details on notifications here.

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