Managing Group members.

How to add, remove, and manage your Employee Community users within your Groups.

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Now that you've invited your users to Employee Community, they'll need to be added to Groups. Although users can join and leave Groups themselves, and automatically get added to Groups using our required features, there may be a time when you'll need to manually add or remove a user from a specific Group.

Here's how...

To add users to a Group.

  1. Visit the Group to which you'd like to invite the user.

  2. Select the Invite button at the top, right-hand side of the Group page.

  3. Begin to type in the user's name and you should see an auto-populated dropdown list of current users in your org. Alternatively, you can copy and paste a list of comma-delimited emails, to bulk invite multiple users.

  4. Select the name(s) and click the blue, Add button on the bottom, right-hand side of the popup window.

Please note, that if you invite a user who is already in the selected Group, you will get a red banner notification at the top, right-hand side of the page letting you know. This additional invite will not trigger any further notifications for that user.

If you invite a user who is not currently in your Employee Community account, they will be added to the selected Group as a guest user. Guest users do not have access to the entire organization's content, only the selected Group(s). Read more about guest users here.

To remove users from a Group.

  1. While on the selected Group page, select the Members tab in the left menu.

  2. Search or scroll to find the desired user and click the gear icon next to their name.

  3. From the gear icon, click the Remove from ____ Group button and the user is now removed from the Group.

Group type behavior.

When manually removing users from Groups, each Group type behaves a bit differently. Here are some things to note when users are removed from different Group types.

  • Public. Users can manually re-join the Group from their profile.

  • Private. Users will need to be invited into the Group by a current member.

  • Required. Users cannot be removed from any required Group, including required Groups based on departments and locations.

  • Admin accessible. This Group functions just like a private Group, however, admins do have the ability to manage membership without being part of the Group.

  • Broadcast and featured Groups. These Groups function exactly like public Groups when users are removed.

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