Adding images to your Employee Community organization.

Best practices for adding avatars, cover photos, Post display, and Events images to your organization.

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If you're looking to incorporate more company branding across your Employee Community organization, profiles, Posts, and Events - we've got you covered.

Each image area is a bit different so we'll break down the recommended sizes and designs for all images, across Employee Community. Let's jump in...

Organization, Group, and member avatars.

  • Organization and profile avatars are displayed as both squares and circles, depending on their context.

  • Suggested size is 460x460px in diameter.

  • Generally, we suggest avoiding text as it's hard to read in some spaces.

  • If needed, use white space instead of transparent space.

Organization and Group cover photos.

  • Rectangular size.

  • Suggested size is 1400x460px.

  • A 10% black opacity and blur effect is added to this space to keep the text overlay easy to read. Because of this, we suggest using a color gradient or simple geometric/abstract design for this space.

  • The cover photo dynamically resizes depending on browser size and/or device.

Events cover photos.

  • Rectangular size.

  • Suggested size is 640x190px or 333x190px.

  • Event images are displayed with slightly different aspect ratios depending on whether you're viewing Events in a Post or the Events Feed, as well as mobile/desktop.

  • If you have any specific branding to display, keep it in the center yellow space, as that is the only bit of the image that displays when viewing the Events Feed.

Post display images.

  • Rectangular size.

  • Suggested size is 800x450 pixels.

  • When the image is uploaded, black borders may show to account for any resizing. The black borders should disappear when the image is shown in the visual Feed.

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