Along with setting up your profile details, location, department, and joining Groups, you'll also want to configure your Honey account to connect with your Slack account. Once configured, you can then share Honey Post previews directly to Slack and search Honey without leaving your Slack window.

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To connect your Honey account with your Slack account.

In order to access all of the Honey and Slack features, you'll first need to connect your Honey account with your Slack account. To do this...

  1. Locate the gear icon on the top, right-hand side of your page, select Tools from the dropdown menu.

  2. Then, underneath the Slack header, click the Add to Slack button.

  3. Follow the Slack prompts to authorize Honey to access your Slack workspace.

  4. Click the green Allow button and you should be routed back to your Honey Account Settings page.

Once you've gone through the above steps, you will be able to push individual Honey Posts directly to specific Slack channels or DMs.

To share individual Posts from Honey to Slack.

To push a Post from Honey into a Slack channel or direct message...

  1. From the Honey Post, click the three-dot button and select Share to Slack from the dropdown menu.

  2. Then, select the Slack channel or direct message in which you'd like to share the Post and click Share to Slack.

  3. A small snippet of the Post and link will be shared in the selected Slack channel or DM.

To search Honey content from Slack.

If you spend the majority of your day in Slack, it can be helpful to search Honey without leaving Slack. Using our Honey Slack commands, we'll show you how to view Posts...

  1. While in the Slack message field, enter /honey search [keyword] adding in your specific keyword in place of the bracketed text.

  2. A shortlist of Honey Posts that include your keyword will appear. Don't worry, the results are only visible to you.

  3. Click the link to view and access more results.

You can also use the Slack commands to search Honey users...

  1. While in the Slack message field, enter /honey user [name, email, or job title] .

  2. The user results will appear, only visible to you.

  3. Click any hyperlink to access the entire profile on Honey.

Need a refresher on the Honey Slack commands? Simply type /honey help in your Slack message field for the shortcut details.

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