Viewing and managing Confirmations.

How to view and manage your Confirmations.

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Some of the features described below are only available to Employee Community admins. If you have questions about who can or cannot see these settings, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We'd be happy to help!

As Confirmations are often time-sensitive, it is important that employees are notified in-product and via email. Here's how to view and organize your Confirmations, across Employee Community. Let's dive in...

Confirmations notifications.

User notifications:

When Confirmations are added to a new Post, a notification will be sent out to every employee who is required to take action. Each employee will receive:

  1. An email notification.

  2. An in-product red bell notification.

  3. Weekly email reminders of any pending Confirmations.

*Note that when a Confirmation is added to an existing Post, email notifications will not surface in real-time, but will appear in the weekly reminder email. This way, you won't overload your employees' inboxes if you'd like to enable a series of Confirmations on existing Posts.

Post author notifications:

The Confirmation author will receive notifications about Confirmation activity. Each author will receive:

  1. In-product notifications. The admin who published the Post(s) will receive an in-product red bell notification when a Member completes the required Confirmation. Multiple confirmations will be bundled together to ensure that admins will receive no more than one notification per day.

  2. Email Digest. Admins can opt to turn on email notifications to receive updates when employees complete Confirmations on Posts they authored. Like the red bell notifications, these email notifications will be bundled together. This optional email is found in the Notifications Center. By default, these notifications are turned off.

  3. 100% completion. When every required Member has confirmed reading the Post, the author will receive a notification alerting them that they have reached 100% completion.

Please note that the Confirmation author will not receive a "please confirm this Post" notification for their own Post, even if they are required to confirm it.

In-product views:
Confirmation information is available in three different places on Employee Community

Confirmations section.
When employees have pending Confirmations, a new section titled Confirmations will appear on their Personal page. This way they are able to access all outstanding Confirmations, in one spot.

Post View.
When employees open a Post that has a Confirmation that they are required to take action on, they will be prompted to do so within the Post body.

Feed View.
When employees are on a Feed, they’ll see red icons on Posts that include their pending Confirmations. When employees confirm that they’ve read the Posts, the red icon will turn green.

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