Understanding Confirmations analytics.

How to manage and track your Confirmations data.

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Although all users can interact with Confirmations, only admins have the ability to manage and track user responses. If you have questions about who can or cannot see these settings, please don't hesitate to send us a note. We'd be happy to help!

Admins can access the following about each Confirmation:

  • Rate of completion (e.g. 80% completion).

  • The number of employees who have confirmed the Post (e.g. 80/100 people).

  • The number of employees who still need to take action. (e.g. 20/100 people).

  • The names and timestamps of all employees who have confirmed the Post.

  • The names of all employees who have not yet confirmed the Post.

Here's where you can track your Confirmations data...

Admin dashboard view.

Admins can see all Confirmations in their Employee Community environment by navigating to the Confirmations section on the Admin Dashboard.

This includes Confirmations that have been published by other admins as well. If a Confirmation is published in a private Group the admin is not a member of, the Confirmation will not be visible to that admin.

Admins can filter the view to see complete or incomplete Confirmations.


Admins can access the same information by navigating to the Post that contains the Confirmation and clicking on the checkmark icon on the right-hand side of the Post.


When Admins are on a Feed, they will see a series of icons on Posts that include Confirmations, and the rate of completion. Here's what each icon means:

  • Black/Full. A 100% completed Confirmation.

  • Green. An incomplete Confirmation that the Admin has personally confirmed.

  • Red. An incomplete Confirmation that the Admin has not yet confirmed.

  • Black/Empty. An incomplete Confirmation that the Admin is not required to personally confirm.

Non-admins will only see red and green icons on Posts they are required to confirm.

Confirmations export.

Admins can also export a CSV file that includes:

  • First name.

  • Last name.

  • Confirmation Status.

  • Time Stamp. *Please note, time stamps downloaded from the export are in the UTC time standard.

  • Employee Email Address.

To download your Confirmations export...

  1. Locate the desired Confirmation Post.

  2. While in the Post-view, click the circled check on the right-hand side of the Post.

  3. From the pop-up, click Export CSV on the bottom, right-hand side and the file will automatically download.

Tracking Notifications.
As an admin, here are some ways you can keep up with your team's Confirmation progress.

  • In-product notifications. The admin who published the Post(s) will receive an in-product red bell notification when a Member completes the required Confirmation. Multiple confirmations will be bundled together to ensure that admins will receive no more than one notification per day.

  • Email notifications. Admins can opt to turn on email notifications to receive updates when employees complete Confirmations on Posts they authored. Like the red bell notifications, these email notifications will be bundled together. This optional email is found in the Notifications Center. By default, these notifications are turned off.

    Check out our fully detailed FAQ for further insight to view and manage your Confirmations.

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