Scheduling an Employee Community Post.

How to schedule your Post to publish in the future.

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Our Post scheduling tool allows you to create your Post now, but schedule it to publish in the future. Here's how...

To set your Post to be scheduled.

  1. Create a new Employee Community Post as you normally would. 

  2. When you're ready to schedule your Post, first select the Continue button at the top, right-hand corner of the Post compose form.

  3. Select the Topic(s) in which you'd like your Post to publish.

  4. Click the Schedule For Later? toggle. Then select your preferred date and time. Note, these dates and times will be local to your timezone.

  5. Click the blue Schedule to... button and your Post will be queued to publish at the selected time. 

To view, edit, and delete your scheduled Posts. 

  1. Click the home icon in your top navigation menu and click My Posts under the menu. 

  2. You'll see your upcoming scheduled Posts located at the top of the Post Feed.

  3. This displays your queued Posts, as well as their scheduled date and time which is highlighted in orange font. 

  4. To edit or delete, select the three-dot button on the right-hand side and select Edit or Delete from the dropdown menu and make changes as needed.  

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