Have an event that you would like to share with your team? Add it directly in your Honey post. Here's how. 

Creating your event. 

To create and publish a event...

  1. While on the feed page, click the orange New Post button in the bottom, righthand corner of your screen. A blank composition form will open.
  2. Select the calendar icon at the righthand side of the formatting toolbar in the composition form. This will drop a calendar widget into your post form.
  3. Enter the event details and cover photo into the widget. 

Publishing your event.

  1. Once you have finished your poll and are ready to share, select the Continue button at the top, righthand corner of the page. 
  2. Select the group and topic to share your post. You can select more than one group and topic. 
  3. Once ready to share, click the blue Share to... button to publish your post. 

How to use a published event widget.

Once published, you and your team members can save your event to their personal calendars. 

  • Click Add to Calendar to download an ICS event card that you can upload to calendar tools like Outlook or Apple Calendar. 
  • Click Save to Google to save the event to your Google Calendar. 
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