Adding a Poll to an Employee Community Post.

How to add an interactive Poll widget to your Employee Community Post.

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Looking to gain insights, feedback, or opinions from your team? Employee Community Polls are here to help. 

To create and publish an Employee Community Poll.  

  1. While on the Feed page, click the orange New Post button in the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen. A blank composition form will open.

  2. Select the Poll icon at the right-hand side of the formatting toolbar in the Post compose form. This will drop a Poll widget into your Post form.

  3. Type your Poll question in the widget header and add your answer options. All Polls are multiple-choice and you can add up to ten answers as well as multiple Polls per Post. 

To configure your Poll settings.

At the bottom of your Polling widget, you'll see a few settings options to help you manage your responses.

  • Votes are anonymous. When toggled on, all responses to your Poll will be anonymous to all users, including the Poll author, admins, and moderators.

  • Results are private. When toggled on, only the Poll author and Employee Community admins will be able to see the Poll results.

  • Closed date. When added, an end date for your Poll will appear and your responses will be closed after the selected date.

Keep in mind that after publishing, you will not be able to update the above settings. 

 To publish your Poll. 

  1. Once you have finished your Poll and are ready to share, select the Continue button at the top, right-hand corner of the page. 

  2. Select the Group and Topic to share your Post. You can select more than one Group and Topic. 

  3. Once ready to share, click the blue Share to... button to publish your Post. 

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