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Troubleshooting with Employee Community.
Trouble accessing an existing Employee Community account.
Trouble accessing an existing Employee Community account.

How to troubleshoot issues with Employee Community sign in.

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We're so sorry that sign-in is giving you trouble. There are a few common issues that can cause sign-in roadblocks—let's work through them together. 

The "Invalid Email or Password" message.

If you are having issues with your email or password... 

  1. First, double-check that you're using the email address that you used to create your account. And double check for any spelling mistakes!

  2. Type your email address into the email box to sign in and then click the Next button.

  3. Then, on the password entry screen, you can use the "Forgot your Password" link below the Sign In button. This will send you an email to reset your password. 

  4. If, after these steps, you're still having trouble, we can help. Send us a note at and we'll sort out what's going wrong. 

The "Trial has Ended" message.

If you are running into an error message about your trial ending, our friendly support team will need to help. You can reach them at 

Any other issues?

If you are having any other issues with sign in, please don't hesitate to send us a note. Sign in issues are generally super easy for us to resolve—we'll likely have you up and running very quickly. You can reach our friendly support team at 

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