Do you want to take Honey with you on the go? We get it, and feel the same way! Use our app to take the full Honey experience with you, wherever you work.

Say hello to things like:

  • Push notifications. Receive push notifications when important updates go live.

  • Search. Search the entire company, Groups, and Member Directory.

  • Feeds. Tap in to check-in; your Organization and Personal Feeds are now a tap away.

  • Saves. Bookmark your go-to files, Posts, and links for quicker access.

  • Integrations. Seamlessly share Posts to Slack or add Events directly to your phone’s calendar app.

Here's how to get started...

First, download the Honey app for your mobile device.

  • iOS: Click here to download Honey's iPhone app from the App Store.

  • Android: Click here to download Honey's Android app from Google Play.

Once downloaded, open the Honey app to log in and view your account.

1. Locate the bottom Navigation menu, and you'll see all of the familiar Honey icons.

2. Tap your company logo to find your Organization page which includes your Member Directory, Groups, Resources, and Events.

3. Use the home icon to head to your Personal page. From here, locate your Posts, drafts, likes, and saves.

4. Select the magnifying glass icon to access Search.

5. Locate the bell icon to view all notifications, likes, and Confirmations.

6. Lastly, press the gear icon to view your profile, access your account settings, locate tools, and view the Honey support page.

Please note that Admins will need to visit Honey on a browser to require Groups by department and locations as well as reorder Resources.

Having trouble downloading?

If you are having trouble downloading our app feel free to sign in to your Honey account using your favorite mobile browser. The mobile web version of Honey works beautifully and is very similar to our native apps.

Have a question? Drop us a line at and we can help.

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