Our Trello integration allows you to push content from a Honey Post directly to the Trello board of your choice. We'll walk you through the steps. 

To authenticate your Trello credentials. 

To share a Honey Post on Trello, first, you need to authenticate your Trello credentials and allow our integration...  

  1. Visit the Honey Post you'd like to share on Trello. 

  2. Click the three-dot on the right-hand side of the page and select Share on Trello... from the dropdown. 

  3. This will open up a Trello authentication window — ensure that you've enabled pop-up windows for Honey so that you can see this window. 

  4. Enter your Trello credentials and then click the green Allow button. 

To share your Honey Post on Trello.

Once you've successfully authenticated your Trello credentials... 

  1. Return to your Honey Post, you should now see a Trello selector open on your Post. 

  2. Choose the Board where you'd like to share your Honey Post. Then choose the List on that board. 

  3. When you're happy with your choices, click Share to Trello. 

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