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Getting started on Employee Community.
Joining Groups and understanding your Feeds.
Joining Groups and understanding your Feeds.

How to manage your Group membership, navigate your Feeds, and ensure you're not missing any Employee Community Posts.

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To stay up to date with new content on Employee Community—both in your Feeds and via email notifications—you'll want to join some Groups and set your notifications.

To join Groups on Employee Community.

On Employee Community, every Post is shared within a Group. Think of a Group as a simple tagging or filing system that helps keep everything on Employee Community nicely organized and easily accessible. Here's how to join Groups...

  1. Click on your company logo in the navigation menu at the top, left-hand of your Organization Page. 

  2. Then, on your Organization Page, click on the Groups tab. 

  3. Browse your Groups and click Join on those that are relevant or interesting to you. You'll notice that some are marked as Required, which means your Employee Community admins require all users to be a member. 

Understanding your Feeds.

Now that you've joined some Groups, let's get to know your Feeds. Your Feeds are, after all, where new Posts from your Groups will appear. There are two types of Feeds and here's how they work... 

  • Your Organization Feed (company logo), is home to all of the Posts shared across your company's Employee Community account.

  • Your Personal Feed (home icon), is home to the Posts that are shared in the Groups you've joined—including the Groups your admins have set as Required. 

As you get more comfortable on Employee Community, you'll likely find that the Feed is the best place to stay up to date with new Posts from the Groups you've joined and eliminate the noise from Groups that you haven't joined. 

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